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How to make a homeschool transcript


How to create a home school transcript, step by step
Do You Have A Soon-To-Be Home School Graduate, And Feel Overwhelmed By
The Thought of Condensing Four Years Onto a One-Or Two-Page Transcript?

Barb MeshDon’t panic. You can do it!  In this resource, you’ll receive information and assistance to compile and create a transcript and find out what to do about issuing a diploma.

The author, Barbara Mesh, a home school veteran with a Masters in Guidance and Counseling, will enthusiastically encourage and equip you to prepare a custom high school transcript reflecting the unique home education program of your young adults.

Barb covers the gamut of transcript building hurdles and unpacks the answers to the many questions parents have about record keeping, establishing credits and assigning course titles. She will assist you and your teen to go the distance to complete a high school education from home including that dreaded transcript.

Instruction is provided for:
Pinpointing your educational beliefs
Giving titles and labels for classes
Establishing numerical credit
Assigning grades for the work completed
Turning both formal and informal academic experiences into courses
Calculating the grade point average (GPA)



In addition you will receive:
Completed real transcripts to review and study
Completed awards, recognition and community service summaries to model
Usable worksheets and forms for record keeping (academics and service hours)
Printable transcript templates

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In addition to the e-Book, you will receive a download of several transcript templates as a complimentary companion product.

As a thank you for your purchase you will also be given a free mini  report on Finding Funds for College … How to Get Started.

Note:  the statutes and laws referred to are for Florida. If you home school in another state, look up the home school laws, guidelines, policies, and rules that have jurisdiction where you reside.  In most states you will be able to follow the suggestions in Barb’s e-Book. View laws by state

Not Convinced Yet? Keep Reading!

How to Create a Home School Transcript ~ Your Way ~ has been written for experienced home school families, near the end of their journey, who need assistance to create a transcript and for putting closure on the high school years. It is basic by design and not meant to be an exhaustive work.

This 93 page resource will supply enough information, direction and sample models to equip parents and students to compile and compose a final transcript plus complete an awards and community service summary.  These documents are mailed along with applications to colleges and scholarship committees, vocational / technical schools, the military and included with resumes when entering the work force.

This e-Book is also an excellent tool for planning ahead. Parents knocking at the high school door are encouraged to plan a program tailored to their child's bents and goals as well as set up a framework to establish and record credits along the way.

Whether you have a high school bound student or you're making preparations for graduation, Barb’s e-Book How To Create A Home School Transcript ~ Your Way ~  will definitely assist you in both beginning and ending that journey.

Do you find yourself asking?

Am I Looking Ahead? Do you find your family in the long middle stretch of the home school journey, not ready for high school yet, but well past the beginning?  Are you wondering: “How do I work backwards to prepare for establishing high school credits? Where do I go from here?"
Am I About to Begin? Is high school fast approaching and you're not sure how to prepare for the changes that may need to occur in your home school program? Do you think about: “What are the course requirements and is there any flexibility? Can I find a road map to follow?”
Am I Almost Done?  Is graduation at your door step this school year? Do you know the nuts and bolts of creating a transcript? Have you explored the various options for issuing a diploma? What are the obstacles and spring boards?”

It’s important to equip your family with references that have answers to the above questions.  

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How To Create A Home School Transcript ~Your Way ~ to your digital home library

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“Finally, a book in Florida for high school that doesn’t follow the traditional school approach! Your ideas and comments are freeing and you give great examples that I hope will liberate folks NOT to change the way they do home schooling just for high school!”
Marcy Krumbine, Florida Parent Educators Association Chairman (1999-2004)

Discover the Steps to Create a Custom One of Kind Transcript

What is the transcript all about, really? 

The transcript is like a photograph of the four or five years of a student's high school experiences. It is UNIQUE, just like each young adult is unique. Because we are made in the image of God, we are creative.  Therefore…..

Thoughtfulness and thoroughness need to be top priorities when crafting that document as well as the awards and community service summaries. Persons reading about your students need to get an accurate impression of who your sons and daughters are by the picture you portray. It needs to be more than a cookie cutter rendition.

Barb boldly points out that home educators have much flexibility under the law to custom tailor their child's education which will absolutely prepare them to enter college.  To Think Outside the Box with confidence and boldness instead of fear and anxiety is a repetitive theme throughout this resource. 

Parents are encouraged to focus on skill building, and to wrap those skills around traditional and non traditional academic endeavors which target the strengths, talents and callings of their sons and daughters for the glory of God and cultural engagement in their sphere of influence.  As a result their children will experience a life time of joy, delight and fulfillment from following their passions and ultimately hearing, "Well done.”

Barbara encourages parents and teens to”think outside the box,” equipping them to make well-informed decisions about educational philosophy, curriculum, and lifestyle. She helps them build transcripts from their real life educational experiences, academics, talents, and interests.

Whether a teen’s educational experience has been accomplished through traditional textbooks or unit studies, with dual enrollment or self-designed classes, Barb’s assistance will result in a transcript written in the universal language of the traditional box—the language “the system” understands.

Help young adults embrace activities to discover and develop their particular strengths and passions instead of traveling on the assembly line of “school at home.”  You and your teens will be set free in the process!

Tina Farewell
Lifetime Books and Gifts, Founder

Take a look, investigate what's being offered and order without hesitation!


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Remember: your downloads will include

-  An e-Book

- Several transcript templates

- A mini report: Finding Funds for College … How to Get Started.

What are others saying?

Just wanted to let you know that Crissa was accepted into Southeastern University. Thank you again for all your excellent work on her transcript.
Denise, Thonotosassa FL


Emily is finishing Hillsborough Community College this spring and has applied to University of South Florida for the fall. Her transcript was accepted with no problem.  Your help with the transcript was invaluable and a real blessing to us.
Hal, Lakeland, FL


I was looking through the Transcript and Portfolio booklet and it’s really going to help me. I will just tweak it to fit our family and activities. It’s a good framework for someone who has NO idea what she’s doing
Tracie, Central FL


When I realized that the children would have to have transcripts in order to complete their college application process, I did not know where to start. With the information you provided I was able to amass all their projects and unit studies into a professional presentation of their educational accomplishments. Thank you for helping me translate our educational approach into traditional categories.
Jill, Lake Wales


I can't thank you enough for putting together my daughter's high school transcript. What a valuable service!  Even though I did the transcripts for my first two homeschool graduates, this 3rd time around I did not have the time or energy to make it happen for scholarship deadlines.  Barb, you saved me!
You know how to find every important detail regarding a child's home school experience plus show how to document for the appropriate academic placement. You are so helpful and professional.  It was money well spent!  
I'm thrilled that you're publishing an ebook with the information and worksheets we used so other parents will be able to pull together educational experiences and compile their teen's transcript.
If I would have had How To Create A Home School Transcript ~ Your Way ~ as the guide for my first two kids, I would have been ready to tackle the task for my third graduate.  
Janet, Babson Park, FL

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You’ll be glad you did!

Remember … waiting for you are:
Complementary Transcript Templates and a free Scholarship Mini Report


Why Barb wrote an e-Book and what makes her e-Book different?

Ron and Barb MeshI never get over the thrill of watching the sigh relief as moms and dads begin to understand the flexibility and freedom in our Florida statutes; and how that opens up the sky as the limit for creating a custom made home school program "outside the box" or inside that box, whichever matches a child's gifts and talents, goals and aspirations. What fun!

I desire to use my knowledge and experience as both a guidance counselor and veteran home educator to equip home school families to compile and create a high school transcript.  It's an overwhelming task for some and I wanted to lighten the burden.
 My slant on transcript building is different than others. My goal is to assist families to understand the many options they have to educate and only one of those options is the conventional traditional style.
 I want to encourage parents to think "Outside the Box" and equip them to begin looking at not only transcript building but also curriculum choices and their whole educational philosophy in a much broader light.  
I am very enthusiastic about inspiring a love for learning. It matches the part of my educational philosophy which embraces activities that help students discover and develop their talents and interests instead of traveling on the assembly line of schooling.
Writing an e-book and actually getting it out there in cyber space requires a mega learning curve. It's rewarding and satisfying to rise to the challenge and engage the culture through e-commerce.

I’m also delighted to have received all the positive feedback included at this link and on other pages of my site. I was particularly joyful yet humbled about the endorsement below. May those words as well as the others motivate you to purchase How To Create A Home School Transcript ~ Your Way ~. I genuinely believe it’s a resource that will make the transcript building process a satisfying and enjoyable endeavor and not a dreaded task.

You can navigate the high school years successfully!


Weight of Glory!
Barb Mesh

An endorsement from a college registrar

“Barbara Mesh has captured the essence of academic excellence in her eBook, “How to Create A  Home School Transcript ~ Your Way~.”  This book is a must read for all new home educators and veterans as well.  Her extensive knowledge of home school practices, Florida law, and the Florida College System has been packed in this easy-to-read format that will help parents avoid pitfalls that may cost the student later in his or her academic pursuit. In my capacity as an administrator at Polk State College, I appreciate her sound advice and use her book and her services as a resource to home schooling parents who see me for help.  I especially appreciate her treatment of establishing credit for various home schooling experiences inside and outside the box.  She explains to parents how to calculate and track what they do in a meaningful way in addition to thinking through their own philosophy of education so that home school experiences are purposeful and can be assessed with outcomes in mind.  Having home schooled my own children years ago, I learned the value of having a methodology and documentation on how I established the credit value of home education experiences when my home school underwent scrutiny by the Minnesota state legislature.”

“Understanding how to apply Florida law to the various home schooling challenges gives the home schooling parent and student the practical knowledge necessary to overcome the lack of awareness others may have.   Designing a transcript for your student, although not required by law, is highly advisable. Barbara’s methodology embraces best practices in education and the end product will provide the home school graduate an equal opportunity for employment, scholarships, college advising, and sports opportunities where high school transcripts are used to evaluate students’ high school performances.  All that being said, the best advice I can give you as a home schooling parent and college professional is; Buy the book!”

Kathy Bucklew
Director Student Enrollment Services/Registrar
Polk State College, Winter Haven, FL 33881


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